Vlogging Tips for Beginners

It is great that you have decided to start your first vlog. Now, it is time to bump it up a bit. In every vlogger’s life are the technicalities behind all of it. You have to make a choice between h265 vs h264 or pick the right platform for your vlog. These are basic yet essential decisions that you have to make for yourself in order to streamline all of your steps from start to finish. In this article, you will learn the best practices for vlogging as well as tips that you can do as a beginner in the vlogging world.

Best Vlog Tips for Beginners Like You

Video compression decisions

As a vlogger, you must start making a decision right now to compress all your videos. It is amazing how many videos you can produce in a month. Since you want to reach as much audience as possible, you prefer to upload high-quality content all the time. And you are saving your files for future use. But you can only save a limited amount of videos on your computer or drive. To manage them all, you need to compress your videos to reduce the file size and still keep the quality of the video. You have to look for the right tools that can help you pick h265 vs h264 or adjust the bitrate and resolution of the video in order for you to safekeep your videos safe and use them at a later time.

Write a script

You may be a natural vlogger who wants to share a part of his life with the world. This is well and good because you want to be as spontaneous as possible for your viewers. But as a content creator, you still have to write a script for your video. It is important to manage the direction of the content so that you will know the placement of the camera, the next scene, and the people involved in the vlog. You do not have to memorize the script. You just need to have a sense of where the video leads.

Choose the right lighting and background

When you are recording yourself on a video, you must consider your environment and background. This includes the correct lighting and background for your vlogs. If you are doing your vlogs outdoors during the day, you have the sun as your main source of light available to you. If you are recording videos in a room, you have to set it up in a way that is appealing to your audience. You can adjust the light and warmth of the space depending on the genre of your vlogs. The background should also be adapted to the type of vlog that you do.

Promotion is key

You are just beginning your vlogging journey and people will benefit from the content that you share online. But since you are still a start-up, you have to accept the reality that only a few people know you right now. If you want to have a bigger reach, you have to promote your content. You can choose to advertise on the platform where your videos are uploaded. You can send invites to your family and friends. You can go to forums and online communities to promote your vlogs.


Vlogging should always be a joy to do for you. There may be technical decisions that you have to make concerning the codecs to use – h265 vs h264 format. You will decide on the resolution and bitrate for your video depending on the level of quality that you want to upload and retain on your file storage. But essentially, it will be about you and how you share your knowledge and your life with your audience. Make sure to learn from your experience and choose the right tools for the right job.