Inside the World of Aidan Gillen: Net Worth, Career Highlights, and Personal Insights


Aidan Gillen is a highly acclaimed Irish actor known for his captivating performances on stage and screen. In this article, we delve into Aidan Gillen’s net worth, career highlights, and personal insights, offering a glimpse into the world of this talented actor.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Aidan Gillen was born on April 24, 1968, in Dublin, Ireland. He began his acting career in the early 1990s, appearing in various stage productions and television series. Gillen’s breakthrough role came in 1996 when he was cast as Stuart Alan Jones in the groundbreaking TV series “Queer as Folk.”

Career Highlights

Throughout his career, Aidan Gillen has delivered exceptional performances in a wide range of roles. He is perhaps best known for his portrayal of Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish in the hit HBO series “Game of Thrones,” a role that earned him widespread acclaim and recognition. Gillen has also appeared in films such as “The Dark Knight Rises” (2012) and “Bohemian Rhapsody” (2018), showcasing his versatility as an actor.

Net Worth

Aidan Gillen’s net worth is estimated to be around $8 million. His earnings primarily come from his successful acting career, which has spanned over three decades. Gillen’s talent and dedication to his craft have made him a respected figure in the entertainment industry, contributing to his impressive net worth.

Personal Insights

Despite his success, Aidan Gillen is known for his humility and down-to-earth personality. He is a private individual who prefers to keep his personal life out of the spotlight. Gillen’s focus remains on his work, and he continues to challenge himself with diverse and compelling roles.


Aidan Gillen’s net worth, career highlights, and personal insights offer a glimpse into the world of this talented actor. His dedication to his craft and his ability to bring characters to life on screen have made him a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.