Ryan Higa, also known as “Nigahiga” on YouTube, has been a cornerstone of online comedy for over a decade. His unique blend of wit, creativity, and relatability has captivated millions of fans around the world. Let’s take a look at some of Ryan Higa’s most hilarious moments that went viral and solidified his place as one of the internet’s funniest personalities.

1. How to be Ninja

One of Ryan’s earliest viral hits, “How to be Ninja,” is a parody tutorial that showcases his knack for combining physical comedy with clever writing. In the video, Ryan hilariously demonstrates “ninja techniques” that are more likely to cause accidents than achieve stealth. The video’s low-budget charm and laugh-out-loud moments struck a chord with viewers, propelling it to millions of views and establishing Ryan as a YouTube sensation.

2. Nice Guys

“Nice Guys,” a musical parody created by Ryan Higa and his friends, offers a comedic take on the stereotype of the “nice guy” who believes he deserves romantic attention simply for being nice. The catchy tune, combined with clever lyrics and a humorous music video, quickly went viral. The video’s success led to numerous fan covers and even inspired other YouTubers to create their own versions.

3. The Big Bouncing Inflatable Green Ball

In “The Big Bouncing Inflatable Green Ball,” Ryan and his friends engage in a series of ridiculous and hilarious activities involving a giant green ball. The video is a perfect example of Ryan’s ability to take a simple concept and turn it into something entertaining and unforgettable. The sheer absurdity of the situations, combined with Ryan’s comedic timing, made this video an instant hit.

4. Dear Ryan Series

Ryan Higa’s “Dear Ryan” series is a fan favorite, where he responds to fan requests with outlandish and often hilarious results. Each episode is filled with random challenges, skits, and creative edits that showcase Ryan’s versatility and comedic genius. From attempting to rap like Eminem to reenacting scenes from popular movies, the “Dear Ryan” series has provided countless viral moments and continues to be a staple of his channel.

5. The Best Crew

“The Best Crew” is a parody music video that pokes fun at various rap cliches and the concept of having an entourage. Ryan’s ability to mimic different rap styles, combined with humorous lyrics and a well-produced video, made this another viral hit. The video’s playful mockery of rap culture resonated with fans and further demonstrated Ryan’s talent for satire.

6. iPod Human

In “iPod Human,” Ryan hilariously imagines a world where humans have built-in iPods. The video features exaggerated scenarios of people dealing with malfunctions and software updates in their bodies. This clever concept, paired with Ryan’s comedic delivery, resulted in another viral success. The video’s imaginative premise and humorous execution are prime examples of why Ryan Higa continues to be a favorite among internet users.

7. Off the Pill Rants

Ryan’s “Off the Pill” rants are unscripted videos where he shares his humorous take on various topics, from pet peeves to current events. His quick wit and relatable observations make these videos incredibly popular. The spontaneous and unfiltered nature of “Off the Pill” rants allows fans to see Ryan’s personality shine through, leading to many memorable and viral moments.


Ryan Higa’s ability to consistently create content that is both hilarious and relatable has made him a beloved figure in the online community. His viral moments are a testament to his creativity, comedic timing, and genuine connection with his audience. As long as Ryan continues to share his unique brand of humor, he will undoubtedly keep breaking the internet with his laughter-inducing videos.